It Takes a Village…Montgomery Village!

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MVMS PTSA Membership Form – 2016-17

Parent Teacher conference Dinner

It’s time for parent teacher conferences.  Traditionally we the parents, provide teachers to get through that long day, with dinner. This year we are asking parents to donate soups and salads. Below is a list of dishes.  Please sign up for a dish to help teachers get over that hump and provide them the final push they need to get threw a long day.  Please drop off your dishes 12:00 pm in room 140.

Date: 11/10/2016 (Thu.)
Time: 12:00pm – 12:30pm EDT
Location: Room 140



Mixed Bag Designs Online Fundraiser Runs Until December 31st – It’s easy to support us! Just shop the Mixed Bag Designs Website here Please make sure our ID# 144704 and seller name is entered at the top right corner.

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Montgomery Village Middle School PTA



1 Why Join the PTSA?


Better Student Performance

When parents are involved, students succeed. They earn higher grades, gain self-confidence, graduate high school and pursue college.

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Your Vote Counts

PTSA members are automatic members of the State and National PTA. So your voice can be heard on policy issues affecting our schools.

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A Stronger Community

There are many fun ways to meet and form friendships with diverse individuals in our community through PTSA events and activities.

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2 What the PTSA Does

The PTSA is a volunteer, non-profit organization within Montgomery Village Middle School. We are comprised of parents, teachers, administrators, students and friends in our community. Our goal is simple: to improve the school community by supporting programs and activities that benefit MVMS students, staff and families. Our theme this year is: It takes a Village. We all need to work together (parents, guardians, staff, students, and neighbors) to continue to make MVMS a great place to be.

Please JOIN US! In order for our PTSA to be successful, we need YOU. The membership dues are $10/parent and $8/student. Reasons to join include:

You become an active part of your child’s education. Your dues help us support events such as the Fall and Spring Book Fairs, Heritage Festival, Staff Appreciation events, Student Programs, Scholarships, and more.


Parent Support: Information Access

We give parents access to the school administration and practical community resources. You don’t have to be in the dark.

Student Support: Opportunity Resources

The PTSA provide funds defray the cost of field trips, classroom supplies, and outside learning opportunities, such as cultural experiences.

Teacher Support: Resources Appreciation

With shrinking classroom budgets, the PTSA reimburses teachers who pay for supplies out of pocket. Members also volunteer to help with special projects.

3 Are You Interested?

Being a PTSA member is an easy way to get involved in the school community. All of the PTSA supported activities provide opportunities for you to develop relationships with staff and teachers. You also get to know the other MVMS families and form relationships. The more members we have, the louder our voice when advocating for our children.